Now through the month of October, All Unplugged Sewer & Drain service is offering $25 off a hydrojetting service.  Hydrojetting is a procedure that cleans the walls of the pipes of grease and debris to allow for proper function of the drain pipe.  Snakes and cables punch a hole in the blockage of the pipe, but the walls of the drain pipe are never fully cleaned.  This means that the pie will become clogged or back up again in a short time.  hydrojetting uses 3700psi of water pressure to remove the blockage in the sewer line or drain pipe.  There are many possible causes for a sewer back up.  They could be caused by tree roots growing inside the sewer line, grease build up, foreign objects and much more.  Do not hesitate to call us for all of your sewer and drain needs 702-375-5051

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