All Unplugged Sewer & Drain Service offers an environmentallly sound alternate to underground pipe rehabilitation.  The product is called pipe patch and is used as an effective way to repair your underground sewer pipe line without the cost or hassle of exposing the sewer line and digging up any concrete, asphault, decorative block, brick, sod etc.

Pipe patch uses an odor-less, non-hazardous and non-flammable resin that cures in the presence of water.   Pipe patch does not require any special transport or disposal considerations with its amazing bonding properties to most materials and resistance to over 63 chemicals and oils.

Sewer pipes generally buckle under extreme persistent pressure from either ground water, soil and even live loads.  The materials pipe patch uses is designed to withstand buckling.  The resin and lining tube type combine to determine potential buckling.  There are two types of lining- non-reinforced  and reinforced liners.  We use a fiberglass reinforced liner to  avoid any potential buckling to repair the sewer pipe.

The first step is to clean out the sewer line of all roots and debris to return the pipe to its original diameter.  We do this by hydro jetting the sewer line. The pipe patch repair resin is mixed and applied to the fiberglass liner and then wrap the fiberglass liner onto the packer.  Insert the packer into the pipe until it reaches the desired area to be repaired and inflate the packer.  Once the epoxy lining has cured, usually 1-3 hours, the packer is removed leaving a complete structural pipe within a pipe.

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